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  • x5 Gold sovereigns from each of the Royal Mints that struck in 1918

  • Comprised to remember the immense contribution of the Empires Allies

  • Contains gold sovereigns from Australia, Canada and India

  • Very limited complete sets available​

1918 Gold Sovereign Set – The last year of the Great War

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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World War I was the first truly global conflict. It involved many Commonwealth countries whose support were vital to Britain.

This set brings together five gold sovereigns, one from each mint that struck this coin in 1918, the last year of the great war. Coins of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth mints are accompanied by those of Ottawa, Canada and Bombay, India. This set is a reminder of the courage of the men who fought side by side for “King and country”.

Britain clearly owed a great deal to its empire members, and this commemorative set celebrates the sacrifices of all concerned, comprising a unique tribute. The rarity of these coins, especially when presented in this way, makes them all the more desirable. 

Their rarity will mean high demand, so early action is recommended.


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