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About Us - Rare & Unique Coins
About Us - Rare & Unique Coins


The Bradford Group
Artistry, Innovation and Enduring Value

With more than 40 years of experience, The Bradford Mint is part of the Bradford Group which has been recognised as the world’s premier source of a vast array of unique limited-edition collectables and fine gifts that offer an exceptionally high level of artistry, innovation and enduring value.

With experience and trust as the cornerstone of our business, we are proudly positioned as the premier source for collectors in coins, fine art and jewellery in the world today. Founded in 1973 by J. Roderick MacArthur, The Bradford Exchange was at first known as a computerised trading centre for limited-edition collector's plates, an innovation that completely revolutionised the collectables market of that era.

Today The Bradford Mint is positioned within the group as the Rare and Unique division and is dedicated to providing a professional personal service to all clients that have a numismatic interest or passion for gold, silver or other precious metals.

So whether you are a true numismatic enthusiast looking for the perfect proof coin, commemorative or you just want to own a real piece of history, The Bradford Mint is here to service you ever wish.

Why The Bradford Mint?

Expert coin advice and assistance

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the enthralling world of coins, a long-time advert collector, or just on the look out to procure a piece of history as a family heirloom. We have friendly professional numismatic Account Executives’ on hand to help with whatever assistance you main require.

Personal Service

Once you have been started your adventure into the world of coins we at The Bradford Mint will assign you a personal Account Executive whom you will have direct contact with whenever you require – they are there to assistant in anyway required, and obtain any coin you desire. They will even keep you informed of all the latest product launches and promotions so that you get first opportunity to secure any world-first or historically significant rarities before any general release.

To better understand the full benefits of such a unique service please call us on +61 2 9841 3324 for Australian clients or +64 9 884 2555 for New Zealand clients.

Global sourcing network

The Bradford Mint is The Bradford Exchange which is part of the global Bradford Group which currently operating in over 14 countries worldwide. This means that we have access to a vast network of resources thus allowing us to secure the finest high quality numismatic significant coins the global market has to offer.

World Exclusive Offers

Gold, silver, other precious metals, first struck coins, commemorative must haves, limited low-edition worldwide proof coins and collections, stunning unique designs, Australian and world heritage - at The Bradford Mint we can offer you all kinds of world first exclusive coin types that you won’t be able to secure anywhere else. These numismatic high qualify exclusive coin types come from the world’s most respected mints and institutions around the world – and are only available to you right here.

Peace of mind

At The Bradford Mint we are dedicated to ensuring your personalised experience with us is of the highest level, this is why we do our best to make all interactions as easy as possible. The below are some of the extra advantages of being a client of ours:

  • 14-day money back guarantee

  • Interest free instalments

  • Free express delivery on most products

  • Product quality and authenticity guaranteed

  • A globally established business that has been in operation for over 40 years

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