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Battle of Kapyong
70th Anniversary

  • Limited to 199

  • 999 Silver with 24-carat gold and enamelling

  • Commemorating the 70th Anniversary

Battle of Kapyong
Battle of Kapyong
Battle of Kapyong
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The Battle of Kapyong, part of the Korean conflict and the associated Chinese Spring Offensive, was a hard-fought but under-recognised engagement where Australian, New Zealand Canadian, British and American soldiers, outnumbered nearly four times (10,600 to 2,800), forced back an entire Chinese division north-east of Seoul between 23-25 April 1951.


While stalling this advance, 32 Australians were killed, 53 were wounded and three were captured. The Battle was considerably complicated by the difficulty of distinguishing between Korean and communist troops in the darkness. Although taking place within three days, the Battle of Kapyong was a complex and important mission designed to forestall a communist incursion into Seoul, the South Korean capital. As would be expected with the huge enemy numbers against them, our forces were attacked by repeated enemy onslaughts that isolated groups of them and forced strategic regroupings. But with the help of New Zealand artillery and other allies our side prevailed and the increasingly exhausted Chinese advance upon Seoul was halted.


As a rare decoration recognising forces other than their own, the United States awarded the Australians and Canadians USA Presidential Distinguished Unit Citations. This exclusive Bradford Mint $10 coin, solid silver throughout its generous 50mm diameter, pays long overdue homage to the Battle of Kapyong and the gallant and courageous soldiers who fought so hard and sacrificed so much in trying to bring a just peace to a much troubled region. Our noble soldiers march past in a flawlessly embossed portrait and the legend "BATTLE OF KAPYONG AN EPIC BATTLE IN A FORGOTTEN YEAR", pays just tribute. It is a must for general and militaria collector alike.

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