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  • A set capturing the historical moment Britain had three kings in one year

  • Includes the coin from a monarch that voluntarily gave up the throne!

  • The events of this year even led to a Hollywood blockbuster movie!

  • Set contains 5 significant coin and stamps with LIMITED stock remaining​

Year of the Three Kings

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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In 1936 a remarkable thing happened: Britain had three kings in succession. This had not happened before and it was brought about by an exceptional event that had also never happened before: a monarch of Great Britain voluntarily gave up the throne.

This set is a tribute to the three Kings of that year, 1936. All of which have a special connection with Australia, and had visited our country prior to becoming King.

King George V acceded to the throne in 1910. He was the son of King Edward VI and grandson to Queen Victoria. He has a special connection with Australia before becoming King as he made a Royal Visit to Australia in 1901 to open the very first Parliament of the newly federated nation of Australia.

In 1935 King George V celebrated his Silver Jubilee which in Britain saw a moment of great public rejoicing. To celebrate the event Britain produced a commemorative design silver crown and postage stamp to record this historical moment – both of which are included in this set.

King George’s passing in January 1936 saw him to be the first of the three monarchs in 1936.

King Edward VIII became the second King in 1936, but he was never crowned and his reign only lasted 325 days after he abdicated voluntarily in December 1936 – due to his intended marriage to divorcee Wallis Simpson.

No Coins or banknotes were ever released with his portrait, although Britain did issue four denominations of stamps to mark his accession – an original of one of these stamps is included in this set. Following his accession some other nations did produce coins that did not require the monarch’s portrait. An original coin from British West Africa from 1936 with Edward’s name and titles is included in this set.

The third monarch in the Year of Three Kings was King George VI. This really was an incredibly significant moment in history as not only was he the third King in one year, but being the father to our current monarch Queen Elizabeth II until that point she was not necessarily ever going to take the throne – she is now the longest reigning monarch to have ever been on the throne.

This set includes a King George VI one-year-only British silver crown, Australian silver florin, and a one-year only commemorative British stamp commemorating his coronation in 1937.

 All five coins and three stamps are originals of their years of issue and as such are of great interest to collectors. 


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