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The battle of Villers-Bretonneux in France saw British and Australian forces halt the German advance. Fought between 24-25 April 1918, this western front engagement is largely viewed to be more important than the widely known, and ultimately unsuccessful, attack on Gallipoli.

In March, Germany had set out to take the strategic town of Amiens, capturing Villers-Bretonneux on the way. The determined Allied and ANZAC pushback saw the tiny town reduced to rubble. Through the bloodshed and tragedy, an enduring bond was created between the people of Villers-Bretonneux and the Australian soldiers assigned to recapturing it.

The Australians launched a surprise ‘must win’ night attack on 10 April. On 25 April, exactly three years after Gallipoli, they secured a new frontline, ending German progress to the Somme. The cost was ruinous: some 1200 Australian Soldiers died to save the village, with many more wounded. The French have never forgotten the sacrifice, and to this day, they fly the Australian flag over the village town hall.

The Victorian School, rebuilt thanks to donations from the state’s schoolchildren, bears the legend “Never let us forget Australia”. They too fly the flag of Australia, and on a lighter note, a restaurant of the area is named le Kangarou. When they can, help is returned to Australia. The Villers-Bretonneux community raised over $21,000 to help with rebuilding damaged towns after Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires.

This exclusive Bradford Exchange set comprises two one-crown coins. The first depicts Aussie diggers in the blighted Villers-Bretonneux landscape in 1918, and the other the renewed landscape of the Villers-Bretonneux Australian National Memorial honoring the remembrance of the sacrifices made 100 years ago. Together, the set exemplifies the transition from the war-torn town, to the reverent gratitude that continues today for the bravery, honor and kindness of our Australian Soldiers. The obverse bears a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.


  • 100-year commemorative remembering our ANZAC heroes

  • Set contains two stunning Silver .925 proof commemorative coins

  • Strictly limited to 199 sets worldwide

Villers-Bretonneux Silver Set

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