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  • 4 historical silver coins from the treasure chest of the Norsemen

  • Each coin over 1,000 years old

  • All coins slabbed to preserve for years to come

  • Limited stock available

The Vikings Collection - 
Silver Discovery

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The Vikings – seafarers and feared warriors from northern Europe –were just as much feared conquerors as they were successful traders. With the use of their iconic longships, the warship being the Langskip, and merchant ships called Knörr, they rowed all over the European coastlines and as a result, also sailed upwards on the prominent rivers such as the Rhine and the Seine, and even discovered America, as we know it today. Their trade relations also stretched as far as Constantinople and further on to Asia. It is not surprising that they brought home silver from their extensive travels from around the world, especially since there were only a few resources of the precious metal in their homeland.

The pragmatic Norsemen accepted the silver from Arabia as a currency just as much as the Denari from the fallen Roman Empire. During their excavations, archaeologists have found silver coins, jewellery and everyday objects which demonstrate how well travelled the Vikings were during their raids and trading voyages.

This landmark set sourced from our European specialists, unites four authentic Viking-era silver coins for the first time. Spanning the breadth of the entire medieval world and each over 1,000 years old, the collection brings you rarities such as the drachm, dirham, jackal and denarius. Each coin was once part of the Viking’s rich trading history and are now ready to bring adventure, prestige, power – and value – to your coin portfolio.


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