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Una And The Lion

  • Steeped in symbolism and historical beauty

  • Approved by Her Majesty the Queen

  • Worldwide edition limit of 400

  • 1kg of Pure .999 Silver

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Una and the Lion
Iconic symbol of beauty, strength, honour and endurance


The original coin was designed and first struck in 1839 as a celebration of the beginning of the young Queen Victoria’s reign, as well as to coincide with her twentieth birthday. The stunning and now iconic coin was the work of the Royal Mint Chief engraver William Wyon, who drew his theme from celebrated English poet Edmund Spenser’s acclaimed 16th Century poem Faerie Queene - an epic poem delivering tales of romance, adventure, battles, morality and religion. The original enchanting piece depicts a graceful and elegant young Victoria as the character Una, whom Spenser had used in his poem to represent truth, gently guiding the British Lion.


As in the original poem Una is the heroine, a beautiful young princess who sets out on a quest to free her parent’s kingdom from the clutches of a ferocious dragon. She enlists the help of the Redcrosse Knight to slay the dragon. During her journey she faces many challenges that test her humility and determination, including being confronted by a fierce lion. The lion is so taken by her purity and beauty that he abandons his attack on her, and instead becomes her companion and protector. Steadfast and true when those around her waver, Una’s virtue and integrity inspire Redcrosse to slay the dragon and fulfil his destiny as the hero St. George, the patron saint of England, and in doing so becomes her husband.


The message from the minting of such a coin is clear – the graceful new young monarch is leading the powerful beast as done so in the poem, and whilst she herself may only be a young woman the strength and power that she wields is formidable.


The exact number of Una and the Lion coins minted is believed to be 400 – UK’s premier private mint has been given personal approval of Her Majesty the Queen to reproduce this numismatic piece of beauty – with the same exact limited edition of 400 units this 100 Pounds coin weights an astonishing 1kg of .999 Silver – this coin will sell very fast and become another renowned collectors masterpiece.

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