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The Wild West

  • Rarities from the American West 

  • 20 authentic Wild West coins including over 100 year old "Indian Head" coin

  • All coins are individually encapsulated

  • Presented in high-quality real wood box

  • Limited sets available

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A Hymn of Praise to the Wild West


This extensive, epic set contains 20 hand-picked coins with Wild West motifs. The central part of this unique collection is the complete series of “Westward Nickels”, which thematises the conquest of the Wild West. Another highlight are the first five “Native American Dollars”. Included is also the original “Sacagawea Dollar”, which served as the model for the “Native American Dollars” series. Also included are four selected “State Quarters” and “National Park Quarters” with Wild West motifs as well as two historical coins. The 1 Cent coin, is decorated by an Indian head and on the 5 Cent coin is a buffalo depicted.

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