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  • A coin 100 Years in the making!

  • Celebrating the centenary of the British RAF (Royal Air Forces)

  • Solid 22 carat gold £2 coin depicting the Supermarine Spitfire

  • Limited global mintage

QEII 2018 Gold £2 Spitfire

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2017 British Commemorative Gold Sovereign Set



The year 2018 marked the centenary of the Royal Air Force. To celebrate the British Royal Mint produced a superb commemorative coin depicting the Supermarine Spitfire. A swift and deadly flying machine, it is one of the most graceful aircraft ever created. So pivotal in the Battle of Britain, the Spitfire evokes memories for many.

Unusually, the reverse design was created by two artists, brothers Richard and Neil Talbot. Both are contemporary artists who have captured the Spitfire where it is most at home - in the sky - accompanied by two comrades.

This edition of the £2 coin has been struck in 22 carat gold, and every detail of the design finished to Proof standard. As the regular circulating £2 coin is bi-metallic, this gold edition is minted from two different gold mixtures: both are 22 carat purity, but the outer ring is solid 22 carat ‘red’ gold while the inner section is solid 22 carat ‘yellow' gold.

Global mintage is only 1,918 coins!

 This stunning piece is presented in the official case of issue by The Royal Mint with an individually numbered certificate, and booklet which was produced in collaboration with the RAF and includes insights from those who have flown the magnificent aircraft.

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