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  • 350 Years of Royal Sovereignty replicated in this uniquely stunning proof coin 

  • Ground breaking technology has resulted in this World First Orb coin

  • Crafted in solid .925 silver, enriched with 24K gold plating and 29 sparkling Swarovski crystals

  • Exclusively available only from The Bradford Mint

  • Limited mintage of 500 coins worldwide​

 World First Sovereign
Orb Coin 

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Australia'a Three Parliament Houses Set


Britain’s royal regalia is known around the world as a dazzling collection of objects representing royal sovereignty and are unique due to their continuity of use. They are sacred objects used in the coronation of sovereigns and they form the most complete collection of royal regalia in the world.

Instantly recognisable, they are perhaps the best known, yet least understood symbols of the United Kingdom. Each of the key pieces symbolise the relationship between the Sovereign and the people, the duties and responsibilities of leadership and express values of humility, duty and service.

One of the most symbolic and opulent of the Crown Jewels, the Sovereign’s Orb, was first created for King Charles in 1661, over 350 years ago. The sovereign’s orb represents the monarch’s role as Defender of the Faith and Head of the Church of England. The original hollow gold sphere is surmounted by a cross symbolising the Christian world. The bands of pearls and gemstones divide the orb into three sections representing the three continents known in medieval times. During a coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury delivers the Orb to the Monarch’s right hand. It is then placed on the altar until the end of the ceremony, when the monarch holds it in their left hand.

To honour and celebrate England’s most beloved, and longest-serving monarch Queen Elizabeth II's Sapphire Coronation, The Bradford Mint presents this world exclusive and world’s first ever Sovereign's Orb shaped coin which combines centuries of tradition with cutting-edge technology. Crafted in solid .925 Silver, this two-ounce spherical-shaped coin is further enriched with 24K gold plating and 29 sparking Swarovski crystals. Issued as legal tender by the government of Niue with is elegant piece is a must have for all royal and numismatic collectors alike. Limited to just 500 pieces globally.

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