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Siege of Tobruk

  • 80 years Commemorative Coin

  • Struck to Proof quality from 2oz 999 Silver with 24 carat gold accents

  • Exclusive limited mintage of only 199!

  • Official Niue $5 legal issue

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Throughout the world, Australia’s military forces are renowned for their loyalty, their tenacity and their steadfast resolve under most arduous of circumstances. Three stalwart qualities which symbolise the siege of Tobruk.

In the early years of the Second World War, the growing spectre of tyranny cast an ominous shadow over the free world. In North Africa, the unrelenting Axis forces were pushing ever forward in their question for domination. During the early part of 1941, the strategic port of Tobruk was clearly in their sights.


Under the leadership of General Sir Leslie Morshead, the Australian 9th Division and the 18th Brigage of the Australian 7th Division were instructed to hold the town for eight weeks. So tenacious was their fighting spirit they protected Tobruk for eight long months, holding at bay such adversaries as General Erwin Rommel’s fearsome Afrika Corps. ‘Lord Haw Haw’, the announcer from the British propaganda radio programme ‘German Calling’, dubbed the Australian tropps the ‘poor rats of Tobruk’, due to garrison’s extensive tunnel network.


The story of this siege is magically preserved in this proof quality, solid silver coin with gold accents. Capturing the deserts, heat and hardship, contrasted by the cheeky smile of the Aussie digger (actual Private Peter McKenna of the 2nd/13th battalion) and a seal inspired by the ‘Rats of Tobruk Symbol’, this limited edition coin truly a commemorative to be treasured by all who value our freedom. It also features the dates of conflict on the circumference, and the obverse features a 2021 portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and issued by NIUE.

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