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  • Commemorating Her Majesty’s first inaugural radio and first televised Christmas Day Message in 1952 and 1957 respectively.

  • Solid 925 Silver coin set in Proof condition

  • Available exclusively from The Bradford Mint

  • Limited worldwide release

The Queens Christmas Message Set

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El Cazador Shipwreck Coin


Imagine being 25 years old and becoming Queen of Britain and the Empire overnight. That's how it was for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when she replaced her father, King George VI, following his death on 6 February 1952.


Almost overnight she was enmeshed in the demands of office, countless duties, all immediate and numerous. Yet Her Majesty took it all in her stride, nowhere more so than in her radio broadcasted 1952 Christmas Day Message. A model of dignity, charm and warmth, she paid tribute to her late father, affirmed her Christian faith, the meaning of Christmas and her deep personal commitment to her role as Queen.


She also had a special thought for those away from their families through serving their country and affirmed her own deep sense of family.


In thanking her wider family, the people of Britain and the Empire, she thanked all for their affection and loyal support during her accession. Speaking from her study at Sandringham House, Her Majesty used the same desk and chair as her father and his father (King George V).


This message and following ones until 1957, were broadcast in sound only. The first crown in this set is taken from a photo of that broadcast in 1952. With the advent of television in 1957 (celebrated in the second crown), the Queen adapted readily to this powerful new medium.


As our longest serving monarch, she continues to speak to her people each Christmas — reflecting on world events, social upheavals and intimate family moments over decades of change.


This set of Proof quality coins is a much have for any Royal enthusiast.


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