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  • East India Company Mintage

  • Bradford Mint Exclusive Australian Distributor

  • 200 sets worldwide

  • Only 10 sets available locally

2019 Queen Victoria Five Sovereign Collection

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2017 British Commemorative Gold Sovereign Set


The Legacy of Queen Victoria

HRH Alexandrina Victoria, Princess of Kent, was born at Kensington Palace on 24th May, 1819. In 1837, at the tender of 18, Victoria was proclaimed Queen and so began a reign that would last over 63 years and would be remembered as the golden age of the British Empire.
Queen Victoria’s empire was famously referred to as one on which “the sun never set.” At its height, she ruled over a quarter of the world’s population. Queen Victoria’s effigy would grace the coinage of nations across the world. The beautiful and evocative designs seen on many denominations of Victoria’s coinage are considered as some of the greatest in modern British history.

To celebrate one of the most extraordinary Monarchs in British history this is being released in the 200th year since her birth, each coin in this beautiful heritage collection is inspired by the original designs, widely considered Queen Victoria’s finest and greatest. It is issued as a long-lasting tribute to one of Britain’s most significant Monarchs on whose Empire the sun never set.  


The East India Company and St Helena

The East India Company was formed as an English joint-stock company to pursue trade with the East Indies. However, it ended up trading primarily with the Indian subcontinent and China. The company received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I on 31st December 1600. Sir James Lancaster commanded the first East India Company voyage in 1601, returning in 1603 via St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Despite being just a business, the company eventually came to rule large areas of India with its own private armies, exercising military power and assuming the administrative functions normally reserved for a sovereign government, including the minting of coins.

In 1649 the East India Company ordered all of its homeward-bound vessels to wait for one another at St Helena. It was granted a charter to govern the island by the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth Oliver Cromwell in 1657 and the following year the Company decided to fortify and colonise St Helena with Planters. The Company initially flew its own flag over St Helena, until in 1687 it started flying the Union Flag.

A provision of the India Act of 1833 transferred control of St Helena from the East India Company to the Crown with effect from 22nd April 1834. The last Company governor, Governor Charles Dallas, stayed in post after the India Act came into force, not leaving until the first Crown Governor George Middlemore arrived on 24th February 1836.

The 2019 Five Sovereign Gold Proof Coin – Una and the Lion

Originally issued in 1839 to celebrate the first anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign, the coin, designed by William Wyon is considered one of the most beautiful coins of all time. The reverse design is inspired by Lady Una, a character from Edmund Spenser’s 1590 poem entitles “The Faerie Queene,” and features the young queen standing in a flowing gown. 


The 2019 Double Sovereign Gold Proof Coin – Inventively beautiful Gothic style

A tenth anniversary commemoration of the ascension of Queen Victoria from William Wyon, the original Gothic crown design remains highly sought after and a masterpiece for collectors of British coins. The 2019 crown features the four crowned shields representing the primary realms of Great Britain. Situated between the angles of the shields, roses, a shamrock and a thistle can be found.


The 2019 Sovereign Gold Proof Coin – Final redesign for Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

Originally, issues in 1897, the reverse depicts the British spade-shaped coat of arms on a single quarter-divided shield, featuring representation of the three realms of the United Kingdom. The spade-shaped shield is placed on a bed of Tudor roses and surrounded by the inscription – DIRGE DEUS GREUSS MEOS


The 2019 Quarter Sovereign Gold Proof Coin – Pistrucci’s revered St George and the Dragon

The Half Sovereign issued during 1893 – 1901 were the first and only to feature Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic depiction of St George and the dragon. The design remained a firm favourite for over 200 years, continuing the historic tradition of featuring equine depictions on English Coin since the early seventeenth century. The 2019 Half Sovereign is a faithful, richly detailed interpretation of one of coinage’s most revered and coveted designs.


The 2019 Quarter Sovereign Gold Proof Coin – Seated Britannia

Britannia, the allegorical symbol of Great Britain has been seen no coinage since the reign of King Charles II. In the 1860s, a new design was created by Leonard Charles Wyon, who continued the depiction of a seated Britannia symbolising Britain as the rules of the waves. Notable of the new design was a ship sailing out to sea on her right with a lighthouse to her left. The 2019 Quarter Sovereign continues the famous design with the addition of Britannia holding a shield emblazoned with the Union Jack.

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