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  • Set celebrating Her Majesty’s 65th year as monarch

  • Contains two significantly relevant sapphire jubilee collectable coins

  • Both coins of BU condition

  • Limited release available​

QEII Sapphire Jubilee Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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The reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth continues to write history. This year marks the Sapphire Jubilee (65th anniversary) of her coronation. No other monarch in British history has reigned for so long making this the first Sapphire Jubilee in the history of the British royals.

It is certain to be a magnificent occasion and one that will go down in history, and to help celebrate this event The Bradford Mint is pleased to offer you The Sapphire Jubilee Sovereign and Crown Set.

This two-coin set is comprised of the official British commemorative crown coin issued in celebration of the Sapphire Jubilee. Featuring a passage from a speech given by The Queen on her 21st birthday, it celebrates her dedication to serving as queen, a dedication that is very apparent in this, her 65th anniversary of coronation.

Also included in the set is the gold sovereign of 2018, the Sapphire Jubilee year edition of this sought-after British coin. The sovereign depicts St George slaying the dragon, a motif with great symbolism as it has always been seen as the role of the monarch to defend his or her subjects. 

It is significant too that the names of both coins - crown and sovereign - are alternatives for monarch.

Both coins are in brilliant uncirculated condition and are legal tender British coinage.


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