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  • The ultimate Queen Elizabeth II predecimal collection

  • Contains every date, every mint type of every Australian predecimal coin from QEII’s reign.

  • Consists of a staggering 71 coins

  • Presented in nine volumes and jam-jacked with technical specifications – a must have!​

Complete Queen Elizabeth II Pre-decimal Coin Collection

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Remember when we went decimal? It’s a long time ago now - over fifty years in fact - but if you were there, you will remember it! At the time it was a massive upheaval - every vending machine, printed price book, catalogue… in fact, virtually everything had to change.

You’ll probably remember too, that at the time we learned about possible rarities in our back pockets: predecimal coins that no-one had noticed previously were suddenly hard to find. 

Well now you can own ALL of them from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II reign. 

Bradford Mint are pleased to be able to offer you every halfpenny, penny, threepence, sixpence, shilling and florin struck during her majesty’s reign - from the coronation year coins of 1953 right through to the very last of their kind, in 1963 and 1964. 

The line-up of pennies includes even more coins that one per year, as in some years both Melbourne and Perth mints produced penny coins, so we have included the coins from BOTH mints! The florin series even includes the one-year ‘Wattle Tour’ commemorative and the regular coat-of-arms issues, both dated 1954. 

Presented in nine volumes, each with technical specifications of the coins - when and where they were struck - along with an informative ownership booklet, this 71-coin collection is a ‘one stop shop’ for the ultimate predecimal coins of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

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