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QEII's 92nd Birthday 

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  • Celebrating our oldest ever monarch in stunning style

  • Portraying QEII through the original Mary Gillick portrait 

  • Proof .925 Silver coin with gold accents and blue enamel finish

  • Very limited worldwide mintage​

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin



Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our longest-reigning monarch, celebrating her 92nd birthday, will also be our oldest. In 2018 she becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, honouring her historical 65-year reign.

The occasion is commemorated by a specially minted .925 silver One Crown featuring a 24K gold inlay of the famous profile portrait by sculptor Mary Gillick against a richly applied royal blue enamel ground. The crown's belt-motif surround honours Her Majesty's long leadership of the Royal Order of the Garter.

Low mintage numbers and high expected worldwide demand among royalty enthusiasts and coin collectors mean early expression of interest is recommended.

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