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426-MNI19 QEII SIlver two dollar bust_S7_4.png

Queen Elizabeth II
Silver Portrait Coin

  • Two Troy Ounces of Silver 

  • Only 750 Coins Have Been Struck

  • Ultra High Relief Effigy

  • One Of A Kind 'Struck On The Day' Issue

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Never before in British history has a reigning monarch celebrated a 95th birthday. Never before has a coin been crafted to emulate the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen in such sculptural high relief.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign has been the longest in British history, spanning nearly seventy years. She has reigned across eight decades and has been served by 14 British Prime Ministers. Much has changed over the course of her reign. The world of 1926 was so very different from the 21st century in just about every way. Now we have music streaming not gramophones, we have mobile phones not telegraph, long-haul flights are routine and things like space travel and the internet which hadn’t even been dreamed about back then. Yet some things have remained the same, some things truly have stood the test of time.

In 2017, Queen Elizabeth became the first British monarch to reach a Sapphire Jubilee. She is the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch. She is the longest-serving female head of state in world history and in 2021 became the world’s oldest living monarch.

Two troy ounces of silver minted in high relief

This ultra-high relief legal tender coin is a majestic tribute. The depth of relief is so great (up to 7.5mm) that it has a three dimensional look. Crafted with exquisite detailing it contains a full two troy ounces of 999 pure silver. The design chosen for this coin is taken from the iconic Coronation portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. It shows her as she looked on the day of her coronation in 1953, wearing the Imperial State Crown.

Not only is it a world-first silver coin because of its unique shape, it is also a coin that takes its place in history - as it was struck on the very same day that the Queen celebrated her 95th birthday - 21st April, 2021. As exclusive as it is technically brilliant, the mintage of this legal-tender issue is a mere 750 worldwide.

Presented in a bespoke presentation box with a uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity

This exclusive tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday is a notable issue: each coin is completely unique - making it the ultimate collectors’ item - a fact attested to by the uniquely numbered Certificate of Authenticity which accompanies each issue and guarantees your coin's specifications, provenance and limited-edition status. Completing the presentation, each coin is beautifully presented within a luxurious presentation case.

Available on a strictly first-come, first-served basis

With less than a three hundred coins remaining from the mintage of 750, you are advised to call as soon as possible. As each edition is struck on the day and uniquely numbered, the earliest orders will receive the lowest numbered coins. Due to the low number of coins that remain, orders will be processed in strict order of receipt.

This is truly an exceptional piece that is sure to be the crowning glory of any coin collection

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