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  • A one-year-only design

  • Returns to the original St George of 200 years ago 

  • Only 750 sets worldwide 

  • This set is from the first 150 struck 

  • All five coins encapsulated by NGC as ‘perfect’ with 70/70​

2017 British Commemorative Gold Sovereign Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
2017 British Commemorative Gold Sovereign Set
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On 1st July 2017, Britain celebrated the 200th anniversary of the modern gold sovereign. To mark this 200th anniversary, the 2017 Proof quality gold sovereign coins have had the original St George and the dragon design restored - but only for this year and only on the Proof quality coins. These are the only gold sovereigns of Her Majesty’s reign ever to feature the 1817-style St George design and as such have considerable importance to collectors.

This five coin set is comprised of the five sovereign, double sovereign, sovereign, half sovereign and quarter sovereign. It’s worth noting that the original 1817-style St George design has only ever appeared on the sovereign before, making the four other coins all world firsts! The coins in the set accompanying this certificate are all from the first 150 of their kind minted. The first coins minted are always the highest quality because the die has not had a chance to wear out. To verify their quality, each of the coins has been graded and encapsulated by NGC and awarded the maximum 70 points out of 70 - which means they are quite literally, perfect. 

The set is presented in a large presentation case with a numbered Royal Mint certificate, and also a Bradford Mint certificate explaining the grading awarded by NGC.  Only 750 sets have been minted worldwide and we have secured just a hand full for this landmark release. If you wish to own a set from the first 150 Proof 70/70 –the ultimate quality, call now as these will sell fast.


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