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Princess Diana
Silver Double Crown 

  • 999 Silver with rose gold accents

  • Limited Mintage available

  • Bradford Mint Exclusive

  • 60 year Anniversary

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Princess Diana saw life through the eyes of a woman in love with love. Each day was filled with the promise of hope… Hope for a better world, especially for those less fortunate than she… hope that her two young sons would know the simple pleasures of life in spite of the extraordinary responsibilities which lay ahead for them… and hope that her true love was only a heartbeat away. “Only do what your heart tells you,” she advised her closest confidantes. She did just that and regretted nothing.

2021 would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, a time for commemoration and reflection. Today, we remember one who selflessly gave herself to the world and became the People’s Princess with an extraordinary tribute crafted to capture her luminous spirit and eternal grace. Approved for minting by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the “Princess Diana 60th Anniversary Silver Double Crown Coin” is a celebration of Diana’s compassion and elegance; an English rose who remains always in our hearts.

In the gleam of pure 999 silver, the coin shines with the loving spirit of the People’s Princess. A richly-detailed profile portrait captures Diana’s grace and beauty. Four blooms representing the famed Princess Diana Rose are layered with shimmering rose gold for a beautiful contrast. A seal inspired by Diana’s initial and one commemorating her anniversary add poignancy to this heartfelt design.

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