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Poseidon - God of the Seas 

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  • Ancient Greek coin from 300-200 years B.C.

  • Depicts the image of the famous Greek god Poseidon, the god of seas.

  • Bronze Litra coin

  • Includes complementary and genuine pearl




Apart from Zeus, Poseidon (his brother) is the most famous god of Greek mythology. He was the god of the seas, as well as earthquakes, storms and horses. Poseidon plays a significant role in Greek myths and legends, such as the great battle between the gods and the Titans. The god of the seas is portrayed wielding a mighty trident, or three pronged spear. He can also to be found in the Roman pantheon under the Roman name Neptune, and was of course revered by means of coins.


This bronze Litra coin stems from the Kingdom of Syracuse, a Greek city-state in what is present day

Sicily, and was minted during the reign of King Hiero II in the third century B.C. It depicts the effigy of Poseidon on the obverse, and his legendary trident plus two dolphins is featured on the reverse.


This fascinating ancient coin of Poseidon is complemented by a treasure from his kingdom the sea – this being a beautiful genuine pearl. Even in Ancient Greece people had succumb to the fascination and beauty of the pearl.


Call now to ensure you piece of ancient Greek mythology and history that is accompanied with a complementary pearl.

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