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  • Set remembering our courageous airmen and their sacrifice

  • Set of original “lucky” silver sixpences from each year of WWII

  • Contains the 1925 “Churchill” Sovereign

  • Limited stock available​

The Pilots of World War II 
Coin Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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A set of original silver sixpences of the war years along with a "Churchill’s Sovereign" of 1925, of the kind given to British airmen in WWII who were at risk of being shot down over enemy territory.

The pilots who flew the fighters, bombers and reconnaissance planes of World War Two made an incalculable contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. This set pays tribute to those flyers by bringing together seven original British sixpence coins - ‘lucky’ sixpences and they are sometimes known - with an original ‘Churchill’s sovereign’ of the kind given to the airmen at risk of being shot down over enemy territory. 

The "Churchill’s Sovereign” was struck in 1925 and was the last currency gold sovereign ever minted in London. Due to the First World War production of gold sovereigns in London had ceased in 1917 - but in 1925 the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasurer) of Britain who was a talented young minister called Winston Churchill made a passionate speech in Parliament calling for Britain to restore its currency to the Gold Standard - it had taken the pound off the Standard during the war. In preparation, the Royal Mint took a whole lot of old and worn coins, melted them and struck sovereigns with the date 1925. However, Parliament did not agree and the 1925 sovereigns were never released. 

In World War Two when airmen at risk of being shot down over enemy territory were given gold sovereigns to buy their way to safety, it is likely these 1925 "Churchill’s Sovereigns” were among the coins distributed. 

To be amongst the few to own such a unique set please call or email us today to secure as complete set stock is limited.


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