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World War II Operation Bernhard Artifact Banknote

  • Authentic WWII Operation Bernhard Artefact Banknote

  • The greatest counterfeiting scheme in history

  • Only 250 edition notes available worldwide

  • PMG Certified artefact status

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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Wars are fought and won with daring, blood and especially treasure. So as World War II began, a secret plan of economic warfare was authorised by the highest levels of the Nazi regime. The goal: to destroy the power of the British financial system. Code-named Operation Bernhard after the plot’s chief, Nazi Major Bernhard Kruger, the plan was to destabilise the British economy by forging and distributing fake Bank of England notes. 

History’s most notorious counterfeiting scheme began in 1942. Kruger had his pick of forced slave labour and set up his base at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. He chose Polish and Jewish prisoners of war and concentration camp captives with special skills. They were forced to recreate the printing plates for the intricate engravings on the Bank of England banknotes that made the forgeries so difficult. They also had to replicate the notes’ special paper, watermark and serial numbers. By April 1945, the plot had created almost nine million banknotes with a total value of some £134,610,810. A small quantity was used in money laundering operations to fund Axis war efforts or were circulated by spies. In February and March of 1945, as the Allies advanced, equipment, supplies and most of the notes were sunk in Austria’s Lake Toplitzee. A limited number were recovered by divers in 1959 and 2000, while a few uncirculated in Britain. Considered to be the most perfect counterfeits ever produced, many remained undetected until the 1950s, leading the eventual recall and redesign of British currency.  

The limitation of this counterfeit £20 release has been set to just 250 editions worldwide. Local release is severely restricted. We have secured a limited number of counterfeit Bank of England banknotes independently certified by the prestigious PMG (Paper Money Guaranty Corporation). You are advised to call immediately.

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