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Australia's First
One Pound Banknote 

  • Australia’s first very 1 Pound banknote type

  • Black serial number type

  • Collins & Allen signature

  • Limited stock available!

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This is Australia's first One Pound banknote, and contains the signatures of Collins & Allen and displays the large black serial numbers. This first design type depicted on the obverse the crowned arms whilst the reserve displayed gold miners underground in the Victoria Quartz Mine in Bendigo.

This design type was produced from the 16th February 1915 through to December 1916.

Although these notes might have some wear and tattiness, what else could you expect from a paper banknote of such age – the fact that they have survived at all in any condition is rare, making this a much have collectors piece.

This banknote is housed in a museum style display to maintain this rare and fragile piece, whilst still allowing it’s guardian to admire its beauty it also comes with an information book containing all the details of this numismatic piece.

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