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  • Exclusive opportunity to own a personal unique gift that Her Majesty’s presents to a select few each year on Maundy Thursday.

  • Own a piece of Royal traditional that has been around for centuries

  • Limited sets remain available​

The Queen Elizabeth II Maundy Coin Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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For well over six centuries each year on Easter Thursday the reigning King or Queen takes part in a ceremony in which gifts of money are handed out to deserving members of the community. Our own monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, does this in person, as did her father King George VI on a number of occasions.

The striking of these coins is authorised personally by Her Majesty. They are distributed at the ceremony on Maundy Thursday and to other people that Her Majesty wishes to recognise. 

Today's recipients of Royal Maundy - as many elderly men and women as there are years in the sovereign's age - are chosen because of the service they have given to their church and community. At the ceremony which takes place annually on Maundy Thursday, the sovereign hands to each recipient two small leather string purses: a red purse contains money in lieu of food and clothing, while a white purse contains silver Maundy coins consisting of the same number of pence as the years of the monarch's age. The coins are struck especially for this ceremony - and by personal request of the monarch (not the Treasury as with other British coinage). 

The four Maundy coins in this set are the silver fourpence, threepence, twopence and penny – all coins that Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II would have personally handed to a deserving recipient on Maundy Thursday. 

The set which accompanies this certificate is a complete four-coin set all for the same year-date – and a must have for any Royal or coin collector.
The QEII Maundy Coin Set


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