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Majestic Wildlife
Eagle 1 Kilo

  • 1 Kilo of pure 999 Silver

  • Proof-Finish coin measures 180mm in diameter

  • Worldwide mintage of just 199

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Majestic Wildlife Eagle Silver Kilo Coin


1 kilo of pure .999 silver. 18cm diameter. Proof quality. 199 edition limit.

The American bald eagle is perhaps the most majestic and revered of all birds of prey across North America .Respected as a symbol of strength and pride, and honoured and respected by Native Americans for centuries, this beautiful bird is perhaps the most famous of all birds of prey.

At one time the bald eagle was abundant across North America with some estimates approaching 500,000 birds in the 18th and 19th centuries. Sadly, however, human intervention in the form of habitat loss, outright killing, and the use of pesticides DDT and chemicals caused a catastrophic decline in their population, and by the mid-1960s there were but 450 nesting pairs remaining in the lower 48 states. The eventual banning of DDT in 1972 was the start of the recovery period for the bald eagle. Today, the bald eagle is perhaps the greatest comeback story ever to take place in the history of endangered species. Although it is difficult to get an accurate count of the bald eagle population, it is estimated that there are as many as 100,000 across North America.

This remarkable coin celebrates the majesty and nobility of this King of the skies is a profound minting for the true collector. Before you is ONE KILO of PURE .999 SILVER. That’s 32.15 Troy ounces or 2 ? Troy Pounds of Solid Silver!) Each beautiful Proof-finish coin measures a massively impressive 180cm in diameter. Engraved with an individual serial number on the coin’s edge, uniquely designating it as one of just 199. Serial #1 to #50 will be offered as a DELUXE 24K GOLD Enhanced Edition of ONLY 50 Pieces. If you’re hesitating in adding this to your portfolio, please consider this: Our previous one kilo coin dedicated to one of the monarchs of the animal world - our 2020 10-point Buck Silver Kilo IS ESSENTIALLY A WORDWIDE SELL-OUT. At the time of printing, there is one piece left. Our Senior Executives forecast this tribute to the Eagle will follow suit to an early sell out. Don’t be the one who misses out! They’re waiting for your call.

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