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  • Sydney Mint’s last coin types ever produced.

  • 1926S regarded as Sydney’s rarest coin!

  • 1916 Half Sovereign, Sydney’s last.

  • Gold sovereigns collectors must – ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

The 1916 Half Sovereign & ultra-rare 1926 Sovereign 

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For the connoisseur or life-long collector we have a set of the last two coins minted at the Sydney Mint, including the incredible 1926 Sydney Sovereign, widely regarded as one of the rarest Sydney coins, with just 50 coins thought to have survived!


With the outbreak of World War One gold was withdrawn from circulation around the world. In Australia, banks and consumers were discouraged from converting notes to gold, and in July 1915 export restrictions on gold were introduced, as the government sought to centralise gold and secure Australia’s international liquidity. The production of half sovereigns – which had always been a coin for everyday use – stopped almost immediately. The Sydney Mint had previously produced half sovereigns in 1911, then 1914 and 1915, but with Australia effectively ‘suspending’ the Gold Standard, the half sovereign of 1916 was Sydney’s last.


However, the sovereign had a much wider use than just as a coin for circulation, being used heavily in international payments, so production continued. The early 1920’s were difficult for the Sydney Mint: it’s old machinery made its costs of minting uncompetitive compared with the more recently opened, and more recently equipped mints in Melbourne (1872) and Perth (1899).


By late 1925 the decision had been taken to close the Sydney Mint the following year – it had quite literally, gone broke ‘making money’!


The mintage of sovereigns at the Sydney Mint in 1926 is recorded as 1,030,050: however, a note by the Mint Master states that the last 50 gold coins were struck specifically for Sir William Dixson as collectors pieces for himself and other prominent collectors of the day. Given that the 1926 Sydney sovereign rarely turns up, it is believed the 1,030,000 coins minted earlier in the year were shipped overseas as part of government payments for WWI (over 16m sovereigns left Australian in the era 1925-27 so these 1m Sydney coins could easily have been amongst them). It is believed the 50 coins minted for Dixson are the 'survivors' we have today, making this last year-date 1926 Sydney sovereign one of THE GREAT coins in our nation's gold series.


We have available a prestigious set comprised of one of each of these last coins minted at Sydney: the 1916 Sydney Half Sovereign and the ultra-rare 1926 Sydney Sovereign. Although its price is in the high five-figures it is worth understanding that of all the people around the world who collect gold sovereigns, just fifty of them will ever be able to complete the Sydney series.


Please call our specialists if you would like further details.


We also have available a reasonably priced alternative: the 1916 Sydney Half Sovereign and 1925 Sydney Sovereign. This includes the last-ever half sovereign and second-to-last sovereign – and although not the last, it is by no means easy to obtain as the coins of 1925 were never released into circulation. A great tribute to the last days of the Sydney Mint.


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