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  • Priceless and stunning coin depicting the iconic image of Lord Kitchener

  • The British Coin for the Centenary of WWI that is a must for any collector

  • Struck in 99.95% pure Platinum – an alloy that is rare than gold!

  • NGC encapsulated and graded 70/70…perfect!

  • Worldwide mintage just 500 coins​

WWI Lord Kitchener  Platinum Coin

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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To commemorate the centenary of WWI, Britain issued a special £100 commemorative coin featuring the image of Lord Kitchener from the famous posters of the day. This rare minting of the Lord Kitchener design was struck in 99.95% pure PLATINUM and only 500 were minted! Platinum is ten times rarer than gold. Each and every one of these coins contains a whole troy ounce of platinum. That’s over 31 grams! 

Each coin is also encapsulated by NGC who have also independently graded each coin using the world renowned Sheldon scale where each coin is rated out of a maximum of 70 points. Even proof coins, which most people consider to be flawless, are heavily scrutinised and awarded grades from 61 to 70 - that’s a whole ten different levels of quality for Proof alone!

We have secured a handful of these coins. Each one has been awarded 70 points out of 70 - the maximum possible grading. Only 298 of the 500 mintage have been awarded this grade, and The Bradford Mint has the majority available for a limited time only. The coin is also presented in a plush case with a numbered original Royal Mint certificate, plus a free Bradford certificate explaining the grading.

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