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King George V
Ten Shilling Banknote 

  • Australia’s first ever 10 Shilling banknote

  • Red serial number type

  • 37 in market in past 40 years!

  • Only 2 available – act now!

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This Australian King George V Ten Shilling banknote is the first issue of Australia's first ever national banknote, and was first issued from 5th May 1913 to 1st September 1913. This note is the first design type, first signatures (being Collins & Allen), as well as the first serial number type – this being identified by the banknotes serial numbers being in red. It’s worth noting that the 1913 issued ten shillings and pound are the only Australian predecimal banknotes with red serials.

In all, it is thought that 502,667 of these first 'red serials' notes were produced, with the very first notes of this type (M000001, 2 and 3) being presented to the Governor General’s daughter Judith Denman, Governor General Lord Denman and his son respectively. Numbers 4 and 5 were received by the Prime Minister, Andrew Fisher with the remaining of the notes (perhaps up to M000500) reserved for other parliamentarians and dignitaries who attended the ceremony. Notes issued for circulation began at number M000501.

Out of the 502,667 notes to have thought to have been produced very few have survived – from the circulated notes just 37 have come to market in the last forty years - and we have 2 of these historical rarities! With such a small amount that have survived the opportunity to own one doesn’t come along often so call us now to secure you as these really won’t stay in stock for long.

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