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  • Own a piece of history! Celebrate the Gods of Ancient Rome

  • Exquisite collection of original SILVER coins from the Roman Empire

  • Collection of three coins features illustrations of the ancient Roman gods Mars, Victoria & Virtus

  • Certificate of authenticity and presentation box included

Gods of War

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The Roman world of gods was very extensive and included not only gods but also ghostly beings, personifications and demigods. Many gods of Ancient Rome actually derive from Greek mythology, such as Jupiter (Zeus), Hercules (Heracles) or Mars (Ares). As such, the legends of the Greek gods are often mirrored in their Roman counterparts. But one should not be mistaken - the Roman gods were adapted to the needs of the Romans themselves and often more importantly, to those of the great Roman Empire. This sought-after collection contains THREE original historical coins from this period, minted in genuine silver and now available at the Bradford Mint. The coins are part of the Antoninianus circulation, which was common in the 3rd century AD and thought to be worth approximately two denari. They feature illustrations of some of the most popular gods of Ancient Rome: MARS – the god of war; VICTORIA – the goddess of victory; and VIRTUS – the Roman personification of valor, courage and manliness. The reverse features either Emperor Marcus Julius Philippus Arab I or Marcus Antonius Gordianus (Gordian III).


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