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  • Commemorating the incredible feats of G for George, the “lucky Lancaster”

  • Set of 2 coins in .925 Solid Silver totalling 56.69 grams 

  • Contains a genuine and verified piece of Lancaster Bomber “J for Jane”

  • Worldwide mint only 499

  • Minted to the highest quality - Proof

  • Extremely limited stock remain ​

G for George Silver

Crown Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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Being the long tough conflict it was, World War II brought the world endless tales of cruelty and carnage. Yet, through them all, there were the counterpoints of courage, comradeship...and luck.

These last three qualities were abundant aboard "G" for George, the fabled Lancaster bomber which logged 90 missions involving 200 different men (mostly Australians) and returned with all crews alive. 

George was severely damaged over twenty times through unbelievably intense anti-aircraft fire, supported by nimble Luftwaffe night fighters. Several times, he was even hit by lightning! Once he came limping home on three engines. No other RAF Bomber Command aircraft flew as many missions.

Flying through barrages that redefined the notion of "copping a lot of flak", that achievement represented an amazingly high level of luck. As context, it should be remembered that, of the crews manning Lancaster bombers like George, 2,687 never returned from their missions over Germany.

Dubbed "the lucky Lancaster", George was a major morale booster at a time when Britain, especially, needed it most, having endured such a pounding from Nazi bombing raids.

Britain's wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill was well aware of the role played by George and other bombers, saying, "The fighters are our salvation but the bombers alone provide the means of victory."

Taking the fight to the enemy in fine style, George's last mission destroyed Hitler's mountain retreat at Berchtesgaden — another morale booster for the Allies.

Retired on 22 April 1944, George eventually reached Australia, where he was the focal point for a Victory Loan tour which ran from 13 March to 27 April 1945, raising some eight thousand pounds, a huge amount in those days.

This exclusive Bradford Mint two coin Solid .925 Silver set celebrates the achievements of G for George with iconic artistic impressions on each coin showcased in Proof condition.

The set also contain a verified capsulated piece of aluminium from the Lancaster Bomber know as J. For Jane. The authentic section of aluminium was taken from the bombers aimers escape hatch of an Arvo Lancaster NX611 during a recent restoration process. Avro Lancaster NX611 is christened ‘Just Jane’ and represents the two squadrons that flew from RAF East Kirkby - 57 Squadron (DX-C) and 630 Squadron (LE-C). It is on the CAA Civil Register at G-ASXX. It is original material used in the production of the aircraft at the Avro/ Austin factory at Longbridge, Birmingham in April 1944.

There is extremely limited stock remaining so call to secure yours today.


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