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Collins & Allen -
Five Pound Banknote


  • Australia’s first 5 Pound banknote

  • “Mosaic” design type

  • 27 in market in past 40 years!

  • Only 1 available – urgent action required!

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This is Australia's First 5 POUNDS banknote, issued with signatures of Collins & Allen from 29th August 1914 to 14th June 1916. Produced with black serial numbers with a letter as the first digit of the serial number.

Australia's very first Five Pound design type had a scene on the reverse of Peat's Ferry near Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River in NSW. Around the outside of the scene the note print was relatively plain, and within a few months of the introduction of this note forgeries began to appear as the non-ornate scene made it reasonably easy to copy. So, just 9 months later a second design type was released - the same design but with a “mosaic” of '£5' symbols in the background. The first type were all withdrawn and destroyed, rendering any forgeries worthless.

We have this rare “mosaic” version – and what a superb large note, highly ornate, from when money really looked like it was worth something!

In all, it is thought that 1,306,557 of the 1914 to 1916 series £5 were produced - however, very few have survived. Just 27 having come to market in the last forty years.

Although these notes might have some wear and tattiness, what else could one expect from a paper banknote of such age – the fact that just 27 have come to market in the last forty years just shows that survived of such a note in any condition is rare, making this a much have collectors piece.

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