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Its been seventy years since the coins of a new monarch have been minted, but NEVER before have the coins of two different monarchs been produced with the same year-date! 


  • Two different monarchs, minted in the same year

  • Never before in history has this happened!

  • 70 years since a new monarch has been minted

  • Queen Silver Ounce now withdrawn!



About this set

With the accession of King Charles III has meant that, for the first time in over seventy years, coins with a new monarch have been struck. Generally the mint will draw an end to the minting of coins for one monarch, and wait for the following year to begin producing those for the new monarch. However, for the first time in history, in a handful of circumstances, the coins of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III have overlapped meaning we have coins of two different monarchs with the very same year-date! It was the 2023 Queen Elizabeth II Britannia that had been released very early, but it has now been withdrawn from sale and replaced by a 2023 King Charles III version. This historical first, two-coin set includes one of each coin in Brilliant Uncirculated quality and is housed in a plush presentation case with an informative Certificate of Authenticity.


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