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Rare American Silver
Eagle Error Coin

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  • Rare American Silver Eagle error coin

  • “strikethrough” error coin

  • NGC encapsulated and verified 

  • Limited pieces available – act now!​




The Bradford Mint has done it again – we have secured some very rare American Silver Eagle error coins dated between 1986 and 2001. Such coins are in no way a common finding amongst numismatic circles, and if they are found there's really no way to ever determine many really exist.

These unique sourced pieces contain a mixture of obverse and reverse errors, with the size of the surface area effected varying between each coin. This error type is known as a “strikethrough” error. 

A strikethrough error is mechanical and occurs when a foreign object, matter or substance makes its way onto a coining die or blank transferring an impression onto the coin. Sometimes the die or blank can also be oily or greasy, causing the impression to be weak. Other strikethroughs happen when objects such as metal shavings, string, staples, or pieces of fabric fall into the striking and leave an impression on the coin.

You would tend to find that older coins were more error-prone than modern coins, which these days are made with far more sophisticated machinery and inspection techniques. 

The exclusive few pieces that we have secured are all encapsulated by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and graded accordingly – thus capturing and protecting these unique pieces forever!


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