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  • Exquisite coins that built an Empire

  • Contains 9 Pure Silver 1oz Proof Coins

  • Minted by the historic East India Company

  • The Bradford Mint Exclusive

2019 Silver Empire Collection

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The British Empire of the nineteenth century was undoubtedly built on an unprecedented period of international trade dominated by the British, which would ultimately reach all six inhabited continents. This exquisite collection celebrates some of the coins, which grew from the necessity of merchants to trade in the world’s most valuable and sought-after commodities with bullion and to encourage local commerce with circulation type coins. This select series of collector coins is a tribute to some of the most significant coins of the Empire.

This collection will take you on an extraordinary journey across the world offering an insight into some of the coins that built an Empire stretching across three centuries from 1600 to the Victorian era. Each coin tells a fascinating story of British trade and adventure from India to Bermuda, Africa to Canada, and Britain to the Orient. We hope you enjoy travelling on this numismatic journey through time as much as we have.

This fascinating collection was minted by the East India Company – a perfect partnership due to it being a company that can offer a fascinating insight into a world of the Empire. Its merchant adventurers originally set sail in 1601 with little more than a charter from Queen Elizabeth I. They could not have foreseen the consequences of their actions. Explorers and pioneers - they took risks, broke new ground and were part of a moment in time, now left behind. Without The East India Company, our world would not be what it is today.

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