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  • Limited opportunity to own a piece of historical sunken shipwreck treasure

  • Only x499 18th century shipwrecked Spanish Silver 8 Reales coins available

  • This coin pre-dates the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the United States

  • History changing coin

  • Available exclusively at The Bradford Mint 

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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The Spanish ship El Cazador (The Hunter) set sail in January 1784 from Vera Cruz, Mexico bound for the port in New Orleans. Unforeseen turbulent weather and rough seas led to the ship’s demise and loss of over 10 tons of silver coins.

Due to its loss and resulting economic hardship, Spain eventually gave up the Spanish Louisiana territory to France. This vast land area eventually became part of The Louisiana Purchase (from France) by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803.

In August of 1994, on a routine fishing trip, Captain Jerry Murphy aboard the MISTAKE snagged his nets in what he thought were rocks. Upon closer examination, he determined these to be a catch potentially worth millions in Spanish silver coins.

The 8 Reales is the largest Spanish silver coin that circulated throughout American colonies, and was accepted in the U.S. as legal tender until 1857.Each historic coin is unique and has been triple certified (by NGC, Captain Jerry Murphy, and The Bradford Mint).

Each item is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which is serial-numbered and hand-signed by Jerry Murphy, Captain of the commercial fishing boat MISTAKE, which accidently discovered the wreck in 1993.


Only 499 of this hand-signed edition will ever be made available – expected to sell-out quickly.

By securing and owning one of these coins, you are literally possessing early American history!

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