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Captain Cook 200th & 250th Anniversary Sets

  • Celebrate 250 years of Captain Cook 1770 – 2020

  • Includes 16 stamps and 2 Commemorative Coins

  • Available in BU, Silver-proof and Gold!

  • Limited sets available 

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These unique heritage sets mark the 200th & 250th anniversaries of Captain’s Cook discovery of Australia. 

Celebrate the 250th anniversary with the official BRITISH £2 coin in bi-metal and Brilliant Uncirculated condition, with the set of TEN Australian stamps, all of which are in uncirculated condition. This British two pound coin shows the bow of HM Bark Endeavour on the final stages of its journey and shows parts of the coast of New Zealand and of eastern Australia with Botany Bay marked. 
The accompanying Australian stamps are in a unique format that has never before been used: the stamps are in pairs that are only partially perforated suggesting they remain together as pairs. Each pair has one side that tells the story of Cook’s discoveries, while the other side states something about the land that he was charting. 
The ten stamps are presented in mini-sheet format with all of them still joined and together they form a superb scene of the coast as Cook explored it. 

To ensure you have the complete ultimate collection, in 1970 we celebrate Captain Cook’s 200th anniversary. For this occasion, Australia produced its first decimal commemorative coin – a fifty cent coin – and a set of six commemorative stamps. 
We have procured a limited number of each of these fifty-year-old commemoratives and have include them in this set – however, it is the condition of them that may surprise you! The coin along with all six stamps are in mint condition – that is, unused. They are all housed in see-both-sides displays that enable you to examine their beautiful designs, but also protect their quality for the future. Having survived fifty years in mint condition, it’s important we protect them so they can stay that way!
Both sets are superbly presented in a large luxury wooden presentation case with informative Certificate of Authenticity booklets.


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