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British 2022 Platinum Jubilee SILVER Fifty Pence

  • Britain's First Royal-Theme Fifty Pence Coin

  • 5,000 Mintage Sold Out In 3 Hours - ONLY 3 Available

  • ​Official Royal Mint Case with Numbered Certificate

  • Sterling Silver Proof-Quality​

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For the first Platinum Jubilee in history!

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign – which is the first Platinum Jubilee in British history! Not only is she the first to reach this milestone, making her the longest reigning British monarch, she is also Britain’s oldest reigning monarch. She has reigned through the Jet Age, the Space Age, the Computer Age and now into the Internet Age, and through all that time she has managed her role as monarch and mother with style, grace and compassion.

This is an event of great importance. We are unlikely to see another Platinum Jubilee for well over a century, if at all!

Britain has released a commemorative fifty pence coin, and this is the first time a royal event has been celebrated on this circulating coin (royal events are usually celebrated on the crown-sized coins – see below). However, for this event, they want a coin in circulation so that everyone can join in!

The coin features a large '70' with the royal cypher on one side, and the portrait of the Queen on the other is what is known as an Equestrian Portrait: the Queen is depicted on horseback. You may think this is an unusual choice, but in fact this is a tradition steeped in history! The Queen was depicted this way on coins for her coronation, Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee, and now her Platinum Jubilee. 


This is the sterling silver Proof quality examples of this coin. Only 5,000 were minted and it sold out in just 3 hours! We’ve managed to secure some, and they are in the official case of issue with numbered certificate of authenticity. Contact our senior executives now!

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