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Beersheba Light Horse Charge 100th Commemorative

  • Proof quality 1 crown coin commemorating a Centenary since the Light Horse charge at Beersheba in 1917

  • Exclusive commemorative in fine .925 Silver with Ruthenium and 24-carat gold accents.

  • Complete with personal Certificate of Authenticity

  • Limited worldwide release of 199​

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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The charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade (the 4th Australian Light Horse Regiment and the 12th Australian Light Horse Regiment) at Beersheba on 31st October 1917 is considered the last great mounted cavalry charge. At the time, the Turks held a line of defensive strongholds between Mediterranean coastal city of Gaza all the way to Beersheba 29 miles to the south-east. The previous Allied attacks on Gaza had ended in costly failure, so a new plan was proposed to turn the flank of the Turkish defensive line at Beersheba, then proceed along it back to Gaza. Beersheba was held by 1,000 Turkish riflemen, nine machine guns and two aircraft.

The Australian horsemen rode through the night to assemble at positions behind a ridge south and south-east on the plain outside of Beersheba. The coordinated attack on Beersheba started at dawn on 31st October 1917. Despite capturing some Turkish positions, by late afternoon little ground had been gained. They needed to take the town and gain access to the wells there before nightfall.

At 4.50pm, the 800 Australian mounted infantry of the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade drew up behind the ridge,
then in formation they rode over the crest. With bayonets drawn, they charged the 4 miles of open plain straight for the trenches.


The Turks opened fire, but as the charging horsemen approached they failed to adjust their sights and soon their
fire was passing harmlessly overhead. The horsemen jumped the Turkish trenches, some dismounting and attacking while the rest charged through the gap and straight into the town. In less than an hour it was over; Beersheba was taken by 6pm and the enemy defeated. Many Turks were killed in the fighting, over 700 surrendered while others fled and were perused into the Judean Hills. 31 light horsemen died, 36 were wounded and at least 70 horses died. Gaza fell a week later, and the Allies entered Jerusalem on 9th December 1917.


This limited edition is limited to just 199 coins worldwide so early action is recommended.

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