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The Battle of Lone Pine
Double Crown

  • 105 years Commemorative Coin

  • One of the bloodiest battles of the Gallipoli campaign

  • Struck to Proof quality from 2oz 999 Silver with 24 carat gold accents

  • Exclusive limited mintage of only 199!

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With over 2,000 Australian casualties, the Battle of Lone Pine became known as one of the bloodiest battles of the Gallipoli campaign. And yet it saw the Gallipoli spirit rise to its greatest heights of courage. The acts of bravery were many and inspiring, so much, so that seven of the nine Australian Gallipoli Victoria Crosses were awarded as a result.

On 6th August 1915, in the late afternoon, the Battle of Lone Pine commenced as a tactical diversion, with the attempt to draw attentions away from the main assaults being conducted by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) to force a breakout from the Anzac perimeter in the north at Chunuk Bair and Hill 971.

The assaulting force, initially consisting of the Australian 1st Brigade saw an intense battle that  pitched our Australian forces against formidable entrenched Turkish (Ottoman Empire) positions. Sections of which were securely roofed over with pine logs. In some instances, the attackers had to break in through the roofs of the trench systems in order to engage the enemy. The main enemy trench was taken within a quick 20 minutes of the initial charge, and by nightfall they had the enemy position in their hands. Although this was the prelude to four days of fierce hand-to-hand fighting above and underground in the complex maze of Turkish tunnels. Intensified even more by the constant introduction of Turkish reinforcements who launched numerous counterattacks in an attempt to recapture the ground they had lost. Finally, on 9th August the Turkish called off any further attempts to resecure the positions, by 10th August offensive action ceased, this left the Allies in control of the position.

As an eternal tribute to those that courageously sacrificed themselves for us the Lone Pine Cemetery and Memorial to the Missing was created and is situated on the same ground within the Gallipoli Peninsula that was captured by the Australia’s during the great battle. It commemorates 4,224 Australians who have no known grave, as well as further 652 Australians burial sites. On this memorial site stands a single pine tree, which was planted in the cemetery during its landscaping and enlargement in the 1920s. This single lone pine tree symbolises the solitary lone Turkish pine in the battle area that was obliterated during the fighting. The Anzac soldiers also knew the tree as the "Lonesome Pine", and both names are likely to have been inspired by the popular song "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine".

This powerfully moving coin masterfully captures the symbolic lone pine in 24-carat gold standing proudly overlooking our brave and courageous fallen heroes. Creating an eternal tribute to the ultimate triumph of the Australians and New Zealanders who sacrificed so much so we could remain free.

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