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Battle of Britain 
80th Anniversary

  • Silver 20 Euro Commemorative Coin for the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

  • Features Supermarine Spitfire airplane from WWII

  • Designed in collaboration with Romain Hugault, famous comics author

  • Silver piefort with worldwide mintage of only 1,500

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The Supermarine manufactured Spitfire is one of the most celebrated military airplanes of World War II. The single-seater fighter was an agile fighter used by the RAF and other Allied countries. Designed by R.J. Mitchell, its initial test flight was the 5th March 1936. Subsequent modifications made this one of the most effective fighter planes in the war. Elliptical wind design made it more nimble than the Messerschmitt; armaments and placement were superior; undercarriage design reduced stress on body and wings. All in all, the unrivalled fighter of the day.


This was a vital aircraft particularly in the Battle of Britain – it was here that the Spitfire and its courageous pilots had their finest hour earning a reputation as the Pride of Fighter Command. To appreciate its true impact, it needs to be remembered that the Battle of Britain began with a German attack of 2,600 fighters and bombers against 640 Spitfires and Hurricanes, predicting victory after only days.


We celebrate the contribution of the Spitfire to our military history with this exclusive 20 Euro Silver proof coin (37mm diameter), designed in collaboration with Romain Hugault, a famed comic author. The front shows two Supermarine Spitfires flying at full speed during an operation to protect the English coast around Douvres. The obverse depicts the profiles of two pilots, symbolizing the different eras and types of use of this aircraft: civil and military.


With a limited edition of just 1500 minted worldwide, this commemorative coin is one not to be missed out on.

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