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Australia's Wartime
Emergency Coin
1944 Silver Florin

  • A World War II Rarity - Discovered!

  • Pacific Allies Create History!

  • Emergency! Coin Shortage!

  • Limited Availability - Going Fast!

  • PCGS Graded, Authenticated & Encapsulated

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Australian Wartime Emergency Coin

1944 Silver Florin Minted in San Francisco

World War Two was the most devastating conflict in human history. The economic burden was immense. In Australia, all manufacturing activity was turned to the war effort – many other industries were put ‘on hold’ as resources were diverted to critical production. Including our coinage mints – in Melbourne and Perth.

This became a problem when, from 1942 the entire military campaign in the Pacific was directed from Eastern Australia, and almost a million U.S. soldiers were based here between 1942 and 1945. This dramatic increase in population meant that demand for coinage increased suddenly. Our own two mints could not cope with the extra demands. The Australian government sought assistance from the USA and so in the years 1942, 1943 and 1944 the US mints in Denver and San Francisco assisted with the production of Australian silver coins. Every coin produced in San Francisco features a small ‘S’ mintmark above the date. We are pleased to be able to offer you the 1944 San Francisco florin, the very last wartime emergency silver florin produced in the USA, in guaranteed mint state condition. This coin is a great reminder of the impact war had on Australia, and of our key role in the defence of the Pacific, and in MS65 or MS64 quality this is among the finest quality you could hope to own. Our Seniors Executives are waiting to help you bring this rarity into your portfolio. Call now!

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