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  • Australia’s 1983 America’s Cup Victory error stamp

  • One of Australian’s rarest decimal stamps

  • Only around 100 known stamps

  • A must have for any philatelist or collector of rarities

Australia's 1983 America's Cup Error Stamp 

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Do you remember when Alan Bond's boat 'Australia II’ with its infamous winged-keel, made history by wresting the America’s Cup away from the New York Yacht Club for the first time in 132 years? It was an outstanding moment for Australian innovation, engineering and entrepreneurial-ship. An historical Australian sporting achievement that will never be forgotten, and on that was widely celebrated by a proud nation.


Naturally, Australia Post wanted to join in the celebrations by releasing a commemorative stamp. A stamp was produced that showed the Cup being held aloft in triumph, with the words AMERICA’S CUP, and of course it stated the nation of issue being ‘Australia’ and the value 36c below.


Millions of this stamp were printed, sold and collected. However, a small number collected that had found their way into the hands of collectors are missing the word ’Australia’ and the value 36c on the stamp. Was this a dastardly American revenge plot? Or was it just a home-grown bungle? 


Well, which ever answer is true, these error stamps are incredibly rare with just 100 known. In fact, it’s one of the rarest Australian stamps of the whole decimal era. 


The Bradford Mint have a small number of these unique and rare error stamps, and to showcase the mistake we have them paired them up with the regular error free stamp which has all the details intended. 


Call our account executives for availability and further information.

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