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Apollo 13 - History's
Greatest Rescue Mission 

  • Apollo 13 50th Anniversary Commemorative

  • NASA Approved

  • Proof finish 2oz 999 fine silver coin

  • Exclusive to The Bradford Mint

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For four days in April of 1970, the world sat on a knife-edge, watching, listening and praying as the lives of three NASA astronauts hung in the balance. Stranded so far from home, without any physical means of rescue, no human beings had ever been so alone. As their tiny space craft, launched with so much hope, threatened to become their tomb, only their wits, skill and endurance kept them alive. The remarkable story of James Lovell, John Swigert and Fred Haise and their survival against the odds illuminates the will and resilience of the human spirit.

Eight hours after lift off from the Kennedy Launch Center in Florida, the crew heard an explosion. The oxygen tanks in the Odyssey Command Module had ruptured. Lovell contacted Mission Control with the now-famous statement, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

With no oxygen to breath or electricity produced by oxygen to power the craft, the astronauts knew their lives were ebbing away. Thinking quickly, the three men moved into their Aquarius lunar landing module to use as a lifeboat. But this tiny craft was designed to support just two men on the lunar surface for 50 hours. The return journey to earth would take four days. To fast-track their return, NASA opted to continue the flight trajectory to the moon and use the moon’s orbit to slingshot the Odyssey-Aquarius craft back to Earth. Almost all systems were powered down to conserve power. Freezing temperatures and a water ration of just six ounces/200ml per man per day tested the very limits of human endurance. Carbon dioxide was building to toxic levels. The men ingeniously built an oxygen purifier out of items as ordinary as a loose-leaf folder cover.

Back on earth, millions followed by the astronauts’ plight on a minute-by-minute basis. John F. Kennedy’s dream of a manned moon landing by the end of the 1960s, wonderfully fulfilled by Apollo 11’s first manned moon landing just a few months earlier, was turning into a nightmare of epic proportions. But as the astronauts’ capsule splashed down in the Pacific and their survival became a certainty, the world breathed once more. But for every space mission that has followed, the lingering doubt of “what if” persists...

A generation-defining event, Apollo 13 and its crew are celebrated in a new pure silver coin capturing the drama and the uplifting sense of renewal of those tension-filled days in coveted ultra high relief. Reviewed and approved for minting by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the “Apollo 13 Ultra High Relief Pure Silver Coin” will inspire and commemorate the bravery of any man and woman who leaves the comfort and security of home, to advance human knowledge for the betterment of all mankind.

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