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Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Set

  • Official ANZAC $1 commemorative collection

  • Complete collection: Includes all 5 year dates

  • An Australian Royal Mint first

  • Very limited sets available

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Australia recently marked the hundred years of the end of World War One, the war that established the fighting spirit of our ANZACs heroes. To commemorate this important anniversary, the Royal Australian Mint produced a unique centenary design $1 coin in each of the five centenary years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
This was a unprecedented move by the Mint - releasing a set over five years. Many of those who started their collection will not have been able to finish it – an impossible task based on the fact that the mintage of the first coin in 2014 was over 21 million, while the rest of the coins in the collection were all less than 10% of that number. In fact, the 2015 coin - the very year that marked 100 years of the Gallipoli landings had a meagre 1.4 million coins minted! The Bradford Mint have therefore done the impossible again and sourced this tremendously important national commemoration collection for you. It is complete – as such you don't need to worry about chasing down the rare dates. 
We are presenting you with the complete collection has ALL five coin dates. Plus all coins are in guaranteed tip-top condition. A superb and must have commemorative set!

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