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Ancient Greek Olympic Commemorative coin

  • First ever Olympic commemorative coin

  • Authentic 2400-year-old silver coin

  • Rare Ancient Greek commemorate

  • Limited stock available

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This exceptional coin from ancient Greece is reminiscent of the ancient Olympic Games. The competitions were the most significant sporting event of antiquity. During the period of the Games an Olympic Truce prevailed in order to ensure the athletes a safe passage to Olympia. The athletes, who competed unclothed in their disciplines were both revered and celebrated as heroes. The wrestling discipline, the so-called Pale, was one of the most popular sports at the Games.

This authentic and almost 2400-year-old silver coin from Ancient Greece commemorates the Olympic Games of that era. This antique coin had a denomination of 1 Stater, which equals 2 Drachms. The silver coin was minted in the city of Aspendos in the Pamphylia region (Asia Minor) by the mint masters of Ancient Greece. It depicts 2 athletes taking part in the Olympic wresting discipline on the obverse, and a man with a slingshot on the reverse.

Such a uniquely historic event, especially in 2021 which will see the games being delayed for the first time in 100 years deserves to be celebrated with such a masterful numismatic piece.

Very limited stock available so act now to ensure you wrestle this piece into your collection.

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