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El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
  • 2300-year-old coin from Ancient Greece

  • Alexander the Great coin: considered by some as the greatest conqueror of all time

  • Historical artifact that is yours to own

  • Limited stock available​

Alexander the Great -

Silver Drachm

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Alexander the Great is considered by many as the greatest conqueror of all time, and it only took him 11 years (from 334 to 323 BC) in order to conquer the largest empire in ancient times. 

Alexander the Great assumed control of the Kingdom of Macedonia from his father Philip II in the year 336 BC.

Macedonia was at this time a kingdom in the north of the Greek mainland. Little is actually known about Alexander’s youth. It is believed that he was educated by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle, and as a young boy he tamed the untameable horse Bucephalus, after which his father said to him “go forth my son, seek out a kingdom which is worthy of you. Macedonia is not big enough for you“. 

After the death of his father, the young Alexander secured his claim to power as King of all Greece before he left to conquer much of the then known world. At the time that Alexander embarked on his campaign to Asia Minor, the Kingdom of the Persians had the greatest military force. In the year 333 BC, Alexander‘s troops defeated the Persian forces of King Darius III at the Battle of Issus. After King Darius had fled, Alexander first moved on to Egypt prior to setting out to conquer the Persian Empire in 331 BC. Following the defeat of the Persians, Alexander set off in the year 326 BC to extend his empire as far as India. In the year 323, Alexander returned to Babylon, where he also died on 10th June.

This the sought-after ancient Greek Silver Drachm coin is available at The Bradford Mint. This coin that is steeped in history displays on the obverse the portrait of Alexander the Great depicted as Hercules with the skin of the Nemean Lion, whilst on the reverse it displays a seated Zeus, holding a scepter and eagle. 
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