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  • This celebrates the historical reign and life of Queen Elizabeth II

  • The ultimate collection of coins from each of her incredible 90 years of life

  • Beautiful and elegantly presented in case with 9 folders presently each decade of her Majesty’s life

  • Includes a superbly illustrated 64 page colour book

  • A collectors must have!​

Ninety Majestic Years of Queen Elizabeth II

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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This stunningly presented collection contains an original British coin of each and every year of her lifetime in 9 information folder, plus a 64 page colour booklet. 

Queen Elizabeth II is now Britain’s longest reigning monarch and just last year she celebrated another major milestone – her 90th birthday. In celebration of these milestones, an impressive collection of 91 coins has been assembled, with one British coin from each year of her lifetime! 

What makes this collection really exciting is that the collection includes at least one of every pre-decimal and decimal denomination that has circulated during her lifetime including the 25p crown and the £5 crown struck to commemorate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday. 

The set comes superbly packaged in nine folders all of which can be stored in a slipcase. Each folder covers a decade of Her Majesty’s life. It has details of the coins in it and also about the era in which they were circulating as coinage, as well as containing details about The Queen’s life during those years. 

Also with each set is an exquisitely illustrated 64 page book illustrated in full colour which charts the history of Britain’s coinage under the three monarchs represented by the coins in the collection - King George V, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. 

The logistics of gathering the complete 91 coins together for the first time in such a collection has severely limited availability. Please respond today to secure a set that may never become available again.

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