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  • Celebrate the 75th anniversary of the “G for George” Lancaster bomber

  • A magnificent 3-coin silver set portraying the historical G for George

  • Worldwide edition limit of only 199

75 Years G for George

3 Coin Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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Constructed by Metropolitan Vickers Ltd, Avro Lancaster Mk I heavy bomber serial number W4738 was delivered on 27th October 1942 to 460 Squadron RAAF Bomber Command based at RAF Breighton in Yorkshire and assigned the squadron code AR-G and call sign “G for George”.

Powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin XX 12 cylinder liquid-cooled engines, this Lancaster had a maximum speed of 287mph, would normally carry a bomb configuration of around 14,000 pounds, and had eight defensive guns fitted into 3 turrets. It operated with a crew of seven: Pilot, Navigator, Wireless Operator, Bomb Aimer, Flight Engineer, Mid-Upper Gunner and Rear Gunner.

“G for George” flew 89 operations with 460 Squadron RAAF against the most dangerous targets over Germany and occupied Europe during the height of the main British bombing offensive.

Its first mission was a night raid of Mannheim, Germany on 5/6 December 1942. The aircraft’s longest operation was on 13th April 1943 to La Spezia, Italy, lasting 10:09 flying hours. 460 Squadron moved to Binbrook on 4th June 1943. Its last operation was a raid on Cologne, Germany on 20th April 1944.

During its 664 flying hours with the Squadron, twenty-nine pilots and over 200 crew members, mostly Australians, flew in this Lancaster. “G for George” was damaged over twenty times by enemy action.

Officially retired from combat on 22nd April 1944, it took off for Australia from Prestwick on 11th October 1944 arriving at RAAF Station Amberley, west of Brisbane on 8th November 1944. It travelled the eastern states of Australia in early 1945 with the Third Victory Loan tour. It now resides in the Australian War Museum.

There is no single coin that could show the impressive structure of this historical plane, so The Bradford Mint have done what has never been done before and captured the impression wing span over three superb .925 silver coins with black Ruthenium and 24ct Gold accenting. Call us today to own this magnificent portrait of aviation history as the worldwide edition limit is very small at 199.


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