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  • Australia’s greatest halfpenny date

  • The Halfpenny that was never struck could be yours to own

  • Certificate of authenticity

  • Extremely limited availability

Australia’s 1923 Halfpenny 

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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Just like it’s 'big brother' the 1930 Penny, the 1923 halfpenny is not recorded as having been struck.

You may have heard of Australia’s greatest rarity, the 1930 Penny.  However, there’s another Australian coin with a similar story and rarity – it’s ‘little brother’ the 1923 halfpenny. 

In 1923 both Sydney and Melbourne mints were producing Australia's coinage, There is a record of Sydney striking 1.1 million halfpennies in 1923, but they were dated 1922. Melbourne made no record of striking halfpennies in 1923, BUT they did make 3 coining dies in that year, and they rolled them into the stock of dies for the following year. 

The mints at this time didn’t record the date of the coins produced, only the quantity.  Melbourne minted a total of 681,680 halfpennies in 1924 and they used 13 dies to do it. While we don't know exactly how many coins each die produced, we can use the average and say that the mintage is possibly 151,000 and most likely a lot lower. Some well-respected authors have put the mintage as low as 15,000 coins.

Today the 1923 halfpenny enjoys the status of Australia’s greatest halfpenny date. It has the same appealing quality as the 1930 penny - that is, the coin that was never meant to have been struck.

We have an extremely limited number of halfpennies available so act now.

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