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  • This set blends hundreds of years of history with a modern day Proof quality .925 Silver coin depicting the HMS Bounty with a 1787 King’s Shilling.

  • Own a possible mutineers coin issued in 1787, the year the HMS Bounty set sail.

  • Only 99 set available worldwide

  • Limited time release​

1787 Bounty Silver Set

El Cazador Shipwreck Coin
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The emergence of British dominance over the New World by the beginning of the 18th century, later solidified by the Seven Year’s War (1756-63) inspired a new age of exploration and discovery that went relatively unhindered by the constant roaming of privateers and corsairs. 

One of these discoveries was the voyage of Lieutenant (commanding ‘Captain’) William Bligh, of the infamous HMS Bounty. The Bounty’s long botanical mission to Tahiti led to several disaffected crew members, spearheaded by Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, to force Bligh his loyalists onto a launch and put out to sea. 

The subsequent result of this mutiny was the epic 6,500km journey of Bligh and his men in a small boat desperately trying to reach safety, and the fervour of the mutineers desperately attempting to find shelter from the resultant British retribution and wrath.

The coin features a stunning relief of the on the reverse, using precision-laser technology to etch the finest detail into the design. 

The set pairs this new strike with a genuine 1787 King’s Shilling, giving an all-too-knowing nod to the historical context of this marvellous coinage. The King’s Shilling is infamous within the history of the 18th and 19th century military of Great Britain, with the term becoming an ironic colloquialism; “to take the King’s Shilling” as a form of impressment, or ‘pressganging’ a person into forced service. 

British folk legend states that the reason glass tankards have a clear bottom is so that one can see if they are at threat of impressment, with dropping a shilling into the bottom of an alcoholic beverage being a popular method of ensuring cooperation.

There is a possibility that the shilling in this set was one that was actually used to impress one of the mutineers, given the 1787 year date, significantly the year that the HMS Bounty originally set sail!

Though the exact details of both the mutiny and the infamous press-gangs have been lost to time, they both resonate strongly in western cultural ideas. 


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